Our Boys

Grand Champion Spice Rack JS Bach at Capricious.
“Bach” is an absolutely love bug mostly living the life of Cayenne’s best friend at the Howell’s Happy Home. Although Ken Smith and I co-own him, Cayenne needed a friend and Bach is it! Bach still enjoys an occasional appearance at a show but his favorite activity is entertaining a “friend” – he is the proud daddy of a litter with Sara. Reggae (see her information) definitely has Bach’s laid back chill attitude and beautiful coat.

Champion Spice Rack Secret Agent Leonardo Di Scorpio
“Leo” is co-owned with some wonderful and dear friends, Karen and Jim Grande. Straight out of Rae Rae’s last litter of five boys, he is more squish-able than a soft stuffed animal and gentle as can be. Leo is mellow sole and personable who prefers to have a leader rather than to lead. He lives with Karen, Jim, and Basil (who is happy to take the lead – thank goodness or Leo would wander aimlessly all day.)

Champion Spice Rack Habenero at Cave Creek
“Hovie” is one of Anise’s babies who lives with and is owned by Ken Smith in Cave Creek. His gentle and unflappable nature makes him a great leader of his “herd” of Ken’s boys since finishing Championship in 2009. He is the sire of our amazing Ally and out of Anise.

Champion Spice Rack It’s About Thyme.
“Ty” finished his Championship in 2009 earning his invitation to Eukanuba 2010 and 2011. He is the biggest teddy bear you could ever imagine. No one can give a hug like him and all his beautiful flowing coat. He is out first home-bred Champion boy. He is retired enjoy the life of a family dog.